A grant of up to the 50% for Marcet Professional Eurofootball Program


Grants in the Professional Program

The players who take part in Fundación Marcet High Performance programs through Barcelona Professional Soccer can apply for a grant of up to the 50% in order to enter Marcet Professional Eurofootball Program for one academic year.

This program combines athletic and academic excellence, and its objective is to train young footballers who want to reach professional success.

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In the last 10 years, over 250 teams have taken part in the Marcet Talent Cup, being one of the most competitive international tournaments for footballers thanks to the high level of the teams and the emblematic location where it takes place.

This competition takes place every year at the end of June in the circle of excellence of worldwide football in BARCELONA.

New Technologies


New technologies enable progress and improve the performance of footballers like never seen before.

Fundación Marcet was the first institution in implementing these revolutionary elements in its methodology in the initial stages more than 30 years ago.

They continue to be a revolutionary and innovative element thanks to the computer development and they allow obtaining analytical data from every player in a precise moment, studying them and taking decisions that enable an improvement in the results. Each round is specialized in new technology.

The players can discover data from their play and/or skills that have been never obtained before.

Some of the new technologies used daily during the High Performance training sessions are listed >

Professional Portfolio

The high level demand of the technical staff during the training sessions, the participation in the international tournament and the application of new technologies in the training processes create a perfect scenario so the specialists in analysis and multimedia content can prepare a first-level sport portfolio for each of the players.

In the last 5 years, over 40 players have obtained important sport grants in prestigious universities in the United States and Europe because of good performances and audiovisual material that Fundación Marcet specialists have prepared, giving credibility to their experience and certifying their skill level.


The players stay at the Fundación Marcet international residence, where over 150 players from around the world grow during the course of the High Performance programs.

The residence has over 40 rooms with 4 beds and a bathroom, a lounge and a study or reading area.

All the players that stay in the residence have five meals a day following a strict nutritional diet special for athletes.

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