Comcast’s Web Essentials: $10-a-Month Provider for Low-Income Families

Comcast’s Web Essentials: $10-a-Month Provider for Low-Income Families


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You may qualify for a new Internet service from Comcast, which costs just $9.95 a month if you live in an area served by Comcast and your kids receive free lunches at school through the National School Lunch Program.

Combined with needs above, to qualify for the specially reduced solution, dubbed Web Essentials, you have to additionally n’t have subscribed to a Comcast online hookup during the last ninety days, and you also should never have an overdue comcast bill or nevertheless be hanging onto Comcast equipment that is said to be returned.

An application sent in the mail to sign up for the service, call Comcast (1-855-846-8376) and request. Online basics is going to be available you start with the 2011-2012 college 12 months, it’ll be around for signups on the next three college years, also it’s assured to stay coming in at $9.95 each month as long as the customer has a kid getting free meal at college and does not shut or break the regards to the Comcast account.